Saturday, August 7, 2010

tour starts in a week

Here are the dates for our tour with Koalacaust:


13-San Diego @ The Tree House w/ Koalacaust, Jehovas Fitness- 7PM
14-Los Angeles @ The Cabin w/ Koalacaust, Summer Vacation, Rooftops, City Mouse
15-Santa Barbara @ Biko Co-op w/ Nobody Wave, Koalacaust, The Madonna Bangers- 7PM
16-Santa Cruz @ Ocean St. House w/ Koalacaust, Nobody Wave, Roberto Miguel, Team Sport
17-Oakland, CA @ Yellow Room w/ Big Kids, Koalacaust- 6PM
18-San Jose, CA @ Texas Toast Haus w/ Hard Girls
19 Portland, OR @ TBA HELP
20-Seattle, WA @ Fantasy Island w/ Koalacaust, Todd C, Audacity
21-Portland, OR @ Red and Black Cafe w/ Koalacaust
23-San Francisco @ Sub-Mission w/ Koalacaust, The Pillowfights

Click the venue for directions!

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  1. I just saw the above post, and thought "Oh crap, did they just come through on tour again?!" and then realized these were the dates from August, and I saw you on that tour. In conclusion, come play in the bay again. Y'all were great.